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Do you face bad smells any time you go near your washing machine?

The culprit for this isn't necessarily what you washed yesterday. In fact, the likely problem is residual dirt, grime and bacterial growth that's hidden away.

You might wash inside your washer by hand but find the odor won't go away. If your washer has a self-cleaning option, chances are that will have minimal effect as well - the residue is out of reach and often requires a strong cleaner (like bleach) for all the smelly residue to go away.

Keeping up with potential smells can be tough. However, washing machine cleaner solutions are readily available and can mitigate the smells before they intoxify your laundry room. A specialty cleaner is well worth the investment. However, we recommend you look for a solution that can be put in while normal loads of laundry run.

Your first time cleaning your washer with a proper solution will be a little different. We recommend you run a cycle with no contents. Scrub aggressively anywhere inside, particularly 3-5 inches above where the water stops - the dirty water splashes around a lot here while the machine is running. You can also pause the cycle (or unplug the machine) to let the soapy water soak overnight to get a more effective clean.

We recommend you also add some hot water after the agitation begins. Aim for anywhere from two to five gallons of additional water. That way, the 'splash zone' above the water fill line will also be cleaned. This extra effort will be a big difference maker in your ability to combat the bad smell because of all the residue that gets stuck in this zone.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Is your washing machine not getting any or enough water? This issue could be because of many different reasons. First off, did someone or something accidentally turn off the valve? If it's not open, water won't come through: In some cases, when you just wash with cold water, your washing machine might still require the hot water valve to be open too. If the pressure isn't enough, try turning the valve open further and that should help. If none of this helps the filter might need cleaned out as a clog could be stopping the water from coming through.


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