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Need a dishwasher repair? Do you have a multimeter?

If so, the process for testing different parts will vary based on what needs to be checked. This general guide should give you an idea on what you will face when troubleshooting your appliance. However, we advise that you resort to the manufacturer manual to know exactly what wires to test and how to test them.

First off, does your dishwasher not fill enough water, too much or none at all? If so, use your multimeter to check the water inlet valve (coil) to see if there is continuity. With an analog meter, test for the lowest ohms resistance level - make sure the meter is calibrated to zero. If you use a digital meter, set to the lowest setting (or resistance with tone) touch each of the terminals with the two probes. A reading between 500 and 1,500 ohms means there is continuity but any other reading identifies that the valve needs replaced.

Next, what if your dishwasher is failing to drain at the end of its cycle? Your first course of action is to run a continuity test on the drain pump motor. This part is responsible for powering the drain pump to work as it should. Whether the motor has no continuity or receives power but fails to operate, the pump motor will need to be replaced to fix your machine. Please note that there is no way to fix the pump and it must be replaced if it fails this test.

What if your dishwasher fills up and starts flooding? While there are a few potential causes, you should definitely check for continuity in the pressure switch. If this switch is not working accordingly, the dishwasher will be unable to know that it's overfilling.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Your dishwashing machine does not just need to be used to wash dishwasher-safe cookware and silverware. Some other items can actually be cleaned and dried in your dishwasher. While it's not recommended, and you must proceed at your own peril, if the circumstances permit you could justify putting other items in your dishwasher. Some things you can get away with include silicone oven mitts, combs, ornaments and even coffee makers. Don't forget, your dishwasher can also clean your burner pans, oven racks and some other kitchen appliance parts as well.


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