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Many freezer repair calls come in from appliance owners with freezers that run all the time.

This problem is typically attributed to a failing temperature control thermostat. Try turning the thermostat from low to high. If no clicking noise is emitted it will mean the part is probably not working right. You can test for continuity to be certain. If there's no open circuit on any temperature level it means the part is defective and must be replaced.

Now, noisy freezers are a bit harder to diagnose because it's not always the temperature control thermostat that is to blame. We often find other parts are the culprit as well. Some freezer parts that can cause this issue include the evaporator or condenser fan, defrost thermostat, defrost heater assembly or the main control board.

The main control board is the last part to fail in most cases. It's also usually the priciest freezer repair of all. We recommend you diagnose this part last as it's not as likely to cause the machine to run all the time as the other parts listed above. Additionally, you might want to check for dirt or debris clogging up the condenser coils as this could prove to be problematic. In a worst case scenario, the sealed system might be leaking which is almost always an issue that leads to a full replacement of the appliance and not just a repair.

Diagnosing a malfunctioning evaporator or condenser fan, defrost thermostat or defrost heater assembly should be done by a professional. Unless you have adequate experience, it's easily possible to misdiagnose the problem and waste time and money replacing the wrong part. If your freezer repair issue isn't an obvious fix, call in a pro to make the process hassle-free.

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Are you wondering what might cause a freezer to run all the time? It is very possible that the temperature control thermostat is causing this problem to happen. If this particular part is starting to fail, the freezer will not be able to detect when it is at an appropriate temperature. This part is also responsible for signaling power to other freezer parts, which can prevent them for doing their proper job as well. The temperature control thermostat sends power to the evaporator and condenser fan motors and the compressor.


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