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Let's go over five of the most common refrigerator repair requests we tend to get from our residential clients.

In no particular order, here are common fridge problems we've regularly seen and tackled over the years...

First, we always hear from locals about their refrigerator compartment failing to reach and hold an appropriate temperature. Simply put, the number they turn the temperature to on the control knob inside the fridge does not coincide with the actual temperature. We find this issue is usually fixed by replacing the defrost thermostat, which is a given if it's coated in frost.

Next, the prolific icemaker dilemma. We get these calls all the time and it's disheartening for many appliance owners because no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars to be able to make ice 'again'. Every luxury has its price: Often times, the motor for the icemaker seizes and needs to be replaced; if you're lucky, the water inlet valve just needs to be unclogged.

Rarer, but, sometimes a fridge just won't turn on - when we hear about this problem, 99% of the time the electronic control board fried. This issue tends to happen after a power surge but other explanation (like wear and tear to relays) can also be justified.

Sometimes, your fridge might make weird noises. Barring a relation to the defrost system, if there's no obvious explanation for the sounds, it's likely also due to a funky control board.

Lastly, at number five, a failure to dispense water / ice (often coincides with a defective icemaker). The reason may be obvious or could be indirectly caused by another problem. Two common fixes for this include replacing the water filter and the water inlet valve.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Many fridge problems start with an accumulation of mineral deposits, frost or ice. Whether the icemaker isn't working right or the water dispenser runs dry: Something obvious will cause these issues, in hindsight of course. Clear out the water inlet valve, saddler valve and other components that take on water and use a hairdryer to quickly defrost any ice in the water inlet tube. Check and maintain these parts frequently to avoid permanent damage to other parts, such as the icemaker motor. Such a problem is a costly repair, especially for a part that many neglect in the first place.


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